• Agilitygrow as you need


  • Cost Savingpay as you grow

    wholesale prices
    business adaptive

  • Qualityeffective coms


  • Strengthresilience

    service commitments

  • NaturalnessKeep It Simple And Easy

    OSS/ BSS
    API and toolbox


We are a telecom operator, specialized in Voice over IP. We offer you innovative voice services that are fast, scalable, agile, which fit your business. Building success stories together is what we love about our work.

— take you to success —

we are voip wholesaler —

At a glance, our business model is mainly indirect, working with partners and resellers in a white label mode. We are working on volume basis, which means you get the lowest prices, always in a premium quality for your calls.
We do not accept any compromises between quality and rates, and always will find a solution for you, keeping in mind our design-to-cost mantra.

We aim agility : you can add DIDs, voice channels, SIP trunk, IPs, as many as you like immediately, and we provide support, consulting and training courses. We love fast and scalable solutions that permit you to grow following your needs : it's business adaptive.

Contact us to share your project, we will be glad to answer you.